Genre: Puzzle

Platform: PC, with the intention of making it work on smartphones and tablets

Engine: GameMaker

In short:This is the first game I made entirely by myself, and as such it deserves a spot here for historical reasons alone.

It is a Puzzle/Labyrinth game in which you are supposed to get from point A to point B through, you guessed it, a labyrinth. The twist is that the player can move all the walls. There are three buttons, one for red walls, one for green walls and one for blue walls. When pressing a button all walls of the respective color turn 90 degrees counter-clockwise. You have to rotate the walls as you go along to reach the goal.

Things to do: Improve graphics, Add background music, fix animated sprites for the walls and the player, improve coding in general, add more levels, possibly add a timer to make the levels more challenging.

If you want to try out and/or download the prototype, just click the title and you will be linked to YoYogames where I have posted it.

Comments and suggestions are very much welcome!

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