Genre: Point and click adventure

Platform: PC, with the intention of making it work tablets

Engine: Wintermute

In short:A short game made as a project for story design in Wintermute. It is, sadly, fairly barescraped in my opinion as I’ve been sick during the entire time of the project.

It is about a simple service robot that dreams itself away to somewhere better and less monotone than the life it now leads. It is supposed to be the indroductionary scene for the character and I may reuse this concept at a later date for something bigger.
I managed to snatch myself a graphical artist for this project, namely Pontus Novén, so at least the graphics look nice.

Download the prototype here!

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  1. I’ve tried downloading the file twice now. Both times I get the message that the Zip file is invalid or corrupted when I try to unzip it. That is if trying to look at the files within WIndows Explorer. Attempting to extract using the Extractor produces no files. Any thoughts?

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